The Last Website You Will Ever Need

We will build you an amazing website and make unlimited updates.

All for one predictable low monthly rate.

Monthly pricing starts at $100

Constantly Up To Date

Since your subscription includes unlimited updates, you never have to worry about looking a decade old, broken functionality, security updates – none of that.  Just enjoy having an up-to-date website 100% of the time. 

Rapid Development

Most sites launch in less than 30 days, and some less than a week. No need to spend months on end, or thousands of dollars.  A simple 3 step process is all it takes to get started.

Top Shelf Features + Technology that Scales

You won’t ever grow out of your site. No matter what features you need down the road. That’s because we start with the best platforms in the world on day 1. 

Support Guaranteed - Or 1 Month Free

We make support and edit requests super easy. Email, chat or phone, we take care of it – sometimes before you hang up. On time, and right the first time. 

 A WebWise subscription starts where you are today and grows right along with you. With on-demand edits, maintenance and support – you wont ever need anything else. 


We mean it!

We are not just a room full of coders – we are designers and marketers – don’t worry we have some coders too. Our mission is simple – NO WEB WORRIES. You never need to think about your website again so you can focus on what matters most – your business. Dump a pile of documents, or pictures, or whatever on our desk and we will turn it into something great, in record time.


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Your work is wonderful. And your responsiveness is off the charts. Thank you, thank you. I am blown away, really.
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Wow! I can't believe how easy this was! Matt and his team know how to treat people right and the results are stunning - a total transformation of our site.
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I needed something up FAST to get my business going. 6 months later and I'm getting more business than ever. THANKS!!
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Our business doesn't need anything complicated for a website but we DID need reliabilty - so tired of chasing freelancers! WebWise took over, rescued my site, and in 7 days I had a totally new look, and confidence that everyhing was going to work and I no longer had to search for help every 3 months just to do one simple thing. NO WEB WORRIES!

How It Works

It really is an easy 3 step process, and our expert team will be guiding you the entire way. 

Get To Know You & Hatch Our Plan

As soon as you select and start your subscription, our team will setup as much, or as little time as necessary to understand your needs. At this time we can also address any outstanding or urgent technical issues that may be impacting your current site, or any special features and integrations that you need. We’ll then put together a plan to address everything on your list and get you going as fast as possible.

Design & Build

This is the part where you get to sit back and relax while we get to work. We will work the plan and provide you with a private review link, where you can check in on build progress as we go. This will also give you an opportunity to make mid-stream adjustments if you like. We may reach out briefly with additional requests or questions to make sure that the final product is 100% satisfactory.

Launch Day!

Once you’ve approved your preview site, we’ll hit the GO button, and your new website will be live for all to see.  Congratulations – you just leveled up. Say goodbye to DIY, freelancers, and tech problems – you just got the last website you will ever need.

Common Questions

What is WebWise?
WebWise is a subscription service that offers professional, custom web design by experts. It includes on-demand content updates, website hosting, and management, all in one convenient and affordable package. We take care of content creation and website management, so you can focus on running your business. Our team of expert graphic designers and web professionals handle the day-to-day operations of your website.

Why shouldn’t I just hire someone full time?

You totally could, and that might be right for your company. WebWise is best for companies that don’t want to spend 100k per year in salary and benefits, don’t want to chase freelancers where rates and results are unpredictable, don’t’ want to put down 5 figures with an agency for a one time build and then do it again down the road. It gets expensive!  Our starting plan would cost a fraction of that.

Are your websites custom?
Yes, WebWise provides a 100% customized website design without relying on templates. Our mission is to give each client a unique and creative website presence along with excellent update and support services.

Who Is a WebWise Website best for?
WebWise is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that want a well-represented online presence with a modern, fast-loading, mobile-friendly, and up-to-date website. It’s perfect for businesses without the technical personnel to prioritize website design and management.

Will I get a login to edit my WebWise Website?

Sure, every WebWise site comes with as many users as you might like to have access to the “backend” of the site. Our mission is to make sure you never need to do this, and we have some pretty slick features to make common tasks like posting an article or new product so easy that a login isn’t needed. Many of our clients do have technical or experienced people in their teams already and like to have the freedom to access the site, and that is totally fine too. It’s your site!

What technology does WebWise use?

WebWise websites are unique in the industry because we offer a premium, fully managed service, but we don’t use proprietary or closed technology and platforms. WebWise websites are built on WordPress, the most popular content management system in the world. Many of our customers already use WordPress and find comfort in knowing that the site is built this way. Should you ever want to take the site somewhere else, rest assured that you won’t be stuck with something that no one knows how to operate.

What about Domain Names and Hosting?

Your WebWise subscription includes management of domains and hosting all in one place. If you want to continue owning your domain that’s great and recommended. If you don’t have a domain name yet, or you want to transfer management of that to WebWise, that is also fine. We will help you make the best decision for you during our initial onboarding. If you have hosting now, we can help you cancel because all WebWise websites are hosted by WebWise on premium servers, all included in your subscription.

Contract!? We don’t need no stinking contracts!

At WebWise, we are so sure that you will never find a better service, we don’t need contracts. You will be auto-billed for your subscription every month, cancel any time.

What happens when I cancel?

Upon cancellation, we ask for 30 days to pack up your content and deliver everything you will need to transfer your site.  This helps to ensure you will also have enough time to replace the site on your new host before your WebWise subscription expires and your website is no longer available on our servers.